Shazam 2 Confirmed, And A Release Date Has Been Set

Shazam 2 is formally occurring, with a launch date confirmed and celebrity Zachary Levi returning into the titular role.

Shazam two is arriving on April 1, 2022–so it’s still a while off.

As stated by the Wrap, manager David F. Sandberg is also likely to come back, as is screenwriter Henry Gayden.

No details are known of the plot yet, however a mid-credits scene during the original film hints at the possibility that Mr Mind will appear as the villain of the sequel, and that Mark Strong’s Dr. Sivana will return.

It was received well, also got strong reviews — although the Shazam was only a modest box-office success, making $364,571,656 worldwide against a $100 million budget — well below the other movies of DC.

It’s also not the sole Shazam-related movie in the world.

Black Adam, which is centered on a character who’s usually the primary nemesis in the comics of Shazam, is due on December 21, 2021.

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