Kill Bill 3 Definitely On The Cards According To Quentin Tarantino

I just so happened to have dinner with Uma Thurman last night,” Tarantino said when pressed by a SiriusXM presenter on the topic of Kill Bill 3. He teased:”Well, I do have an idea of what I would do [with Kill Bill 3].

On when we could possibly see Kill Bill 3, Tarantino said,”I wouldn’t actually do it for a little bit.

It would be three years from today. But it’s definitely on the cards” So for Tarantino’s potentially R-Rated Star Trek job, one he’s previously called”Pulp Fiction in space”, is unclear, but if you’re a huge Tarantino fan, you can be safe in the knowledge that we’re likely to get a play, an unknown show, and potentially Kill Bill 3 within the upcoming few years.

When asked if we’ll get another picture from Tarantino — who released Once Upon a Time in Hollywood earlier this year — until Kill Bill 3, the director unequivocally stated,”No. Not a film… I have written a drama.

I have composed a TV series. I’ve rather written what I’m going to do for another three decades.” Tarantino elaborated slightly on the potential story outline:

What happened to The Bride since [Kill Bill Vol. 2]? I would not wish to think of some experience. She does not deserve that!” Quentin Tarantino has opened around the possibility of Kill Bill 3 in a recent interview. The manager has revealed that he has an outline for a concept for the threequel, as well as a time for when he would like to picture it.

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