Microsoft Will Shut Down To-Do App Wunderlist On May 6th

The strategy to put Wunderlist out to pasture was in the works for quite a while.

Despite creator Christian Reber’s offer to buy back the service, it’ll wind down in under five months.

Over two and a half years after Microsoft said it had one day kill to-do support Wunderlist in favour of its To Do program, it has revealed when it will drop the ax: May 6th.

After that moment, Wunderlist’s to-do lists will not sync anymore and you’ll have a limited time to export listings out of there to Do.

As of today, Microsoft won’t take some more sign-ups to get Wunderlist. Microsoft bought Wunderlist founder 6Wunderkinder in 2015 and declared To Do (or To-Do, as it was known then) in April 2017.

It launched a redesigned version of To Do in September, which brought the service closer in line with Wunderlist’s feature set while simplifying its integration with several Microsoft providers, such as Outlook, Microsoft Planner and Cortana.

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